The Devil and Walter White (part 1)

The Devil is in the details. That is what Walter White’s wife kept telling him, but he didn’t listen. In the end: he died a lonely man (no son, no wife, no friends.) The details, what does that mean? Sin of course. You don’t believe in sin: well then you are a fool: just like Mr. White. The Chemistry teacher turned Meth dealer.


Sometimes, a tragedy is GOD’s way of getting our attention. Walter caught cancer and his rich friends offered to pay for all his treatment, but instead he let his PRIDE get in the way, and chose to sell meth. He even involved one of his former students; can you believe that! 


For a while, a few years, Walter did ok for himself, but in the end he lost it all: even his soul.


Now this is where you claim you don’t believe in GOD. You don’t believe JESUS is the only way to salvation. Well, you are just as wrong as Mr. White. And that mistaken belief will leave you in a place that you can’t deal with. So, go ahead and tell me that GOD is just a fictitious Sky Daddy that “Christians” have made up to deal with the fact that this life is just a one time journey that is over when we breath our last breath. Just like Walter thought.


But dreadfully, death is not the end: it is the beginning of a new eternal life. or eternal death. At the end of Walter White’s life, he was judged for his many “crimes.” Lying, murder, idolatry, theft, forsaken the Sabbath, dishonoring parents, bearing false witness, etc….


For those who do not know what actually happened to Walter, let me fill you in. He went to hell, and I will let you know all the gory details. Remember, the devil is in the details. Are you ready?

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  1. wirelessguru1

    Mover over morons!

    May 26, 2017